Bounded Rationality Applying systems thinking to our complex, irrational world

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Introduction of a Systems Thinker

The more for whom we strive to serve, the greater effectiveness we will have. — R. Buckminster Fuller

My journey is just beginning – yet it has been in motion since beginningless time. I am one cell among trillions of living beings, so my impact depends on my weaving time and space for good.

Move slow and make things…

Now is the time I become my true self and express my uniqueness to the world in humble, candid form. I am your servant. And I can be your leader, too. Especially it means that I will do and offer my best.

And just what is my «ikigai» — that perfect convergence of skill and will — my reason for being?

Systems thinking is the art and science of making reliable inferences about behaviour by developing an increasingly deep understanding of underlying structure. — Barry Richmond, 1987

Systems praxis is where theory informs practice — actions create outcomes in meatspace and metaverse — practice informs theory, and systems thinking, in the middle of it all, is the “appreciative and reflective practice using ‘systems-paradigm’ concepts, principles, patterns” that is more like Zen than the next big Scrum-Agile-design-thinking methodology.

While we doggedly chase phantoms and toil in the tarpits, systems thinking calls us to sharpen our mental models of the damned thing first! Then we can carry on with designing human(e) solutions that last.

My goal is to teach and learn in symbiosis. (I like to share what is informative and inspiring — at least, with a dose of systems.)

My hope is that this lens of the world compels the reader to dig deep into system structures around them and down into the underlying assumptions that shape collective experience.

And now, by Mercury’s grace and our leveled-up praxis, let us steer this precious spaceship Earth far-far away from oblivion.

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