an illustration of the author James S. Wheaton
Applying systems thinking to our complex, irrational world

Consulting Services

I am an expert generalist and systems engineer-in-training. You may hire me to fix and build the things that elude you, so long as it is software/organization-related.

My professional career spans over 15 years of freelance, self-determined, pro-bono and corporate work in web development, ecommerce, big data, cryptocurrency, innovation leadership, and information technology.

I have a knack for penetrating messy (complex) problems, offering considerate solutions, and delivering superior results.

Half of the solution is found in clearly defining the problem.

Let’s open a dialogue.


  • Big Data Systems Engineer
  • Full-stack Software Engineer
  • CEO/CIO Advisor and Management Consultant
  • Intra- and Entrepreneur (“Chief Innovation Officer”)


Primary skillset

  • Complex systems engineering and technical leadership
  • Website development
  • Big data systems architecture (AKA “cloud”)
  • Business writing, oral and visual communication
  • Polyglot software development and quality assurance

Secondary skillset

  • Software development and quality assurance
  • Cryptocurrency, blockchains, and smart contracts
  • Ecommerce development
  • Organizational consulting
  • Project management
  • Linux systems administration (sysadmin)
  • Technical and creative writing

Interests that inform my work

  • Free and open source software (FOSS) – hacker ethos
  • Systems theory, complexity science and distributed systems
  • Information security (infosec) and applied cryptography
  • Art, music, poetry, philosophy, dance and movement
  • Human dynamics and anthropology
  • Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Human-machine (AI) ethics
  • Human factors engineering, user experience (UX), and human-computer interaction (HCI)